a bride and groom looking over our vineyard pond
Back room seating for large tastings and events

"Thank you so much for your hard work that helped to make our wedding reception so wonderful.  The winery was excellent, as was the service." 

- Recent Bride

A convenient location and attractive setting make Six Mile Creek Vineyard a prime venue for weddings, graduations, reunions and other special events.  The winery overlooks a lovely valley, picturesque pond, as well as rolling fields and vineyard.

Six Mile Creek provides a truly magnificent space for indoor and outdoor events, including the use of the grounds and tasting room, as well as wine service and coordination. We have a list of recommended professional services to help plan your event, and are open to working with others.  References are available by request.


1) Do you accommodate both indoor and outdoor events?

Answer: We do provide the option for both indoor and outdoor events. Indoor events  are perfectly suited for smaller gatherings and can be held during business hours (non-peak season) or after hours in our beautiful tasting room. An artfully restored late 19th century Dutch reform barn of post-and-beam design. The reception area and spacious deck open to spectacular valley and vineyard views as well. 

Outdoor receptions are a wonderful option for larger weddings and private events and can be held during or after business hours. These are held adjacent to our lovely pond and vineyard where your guests are placed in the middle of a breathtaking and private setting. 

2) How many people can Six Mile Creek accommodate?

Answer: Indoor events can be booked after normal business hours and can accommodate up to 50ppl. Indoor events held during business hours (only available in non-peak season) can accommodate upwards to 30 ppl. 

Outdoor events can be booked anytime for preferably up to 150ppl but with the possibility to accommodate more. 

3) Does Six Mile Creek provide catering and or have a restaurant on site?

Answer: SMC does not have a restaurant on site but we'll work with the licensed caterer of your choice or assist you in finding someone who fits the needs of your event. 

4) What are my event bar options?

Answer: One of the nicest features of a winery event is the experience of the wine itself. Six Mile Creek currently produces a wide range of different wines to suit multiple tastes. Each party may also select the wines they would like to be served at their event. We also offer a selected menu of local craft beers, champagne/sparkling wine, soda, juice and bottled water. Unfortunately, due to our license we are unable to sell by the glass spirits/mix drinks. 

There are three ways we can accommodate bar setup:

Cash Bar - Guests pay for drinks consumed by the glass. 

Consumption (Open Bar) - A tally sheet is maintained by the bar and added to your bill.

Limited Consumption - A price ceiling set by the customer is placed on the amount of beverages consumed. Once this ceiling is reached, the bar will become a cash bar for guests. 

During events, wine is only poured/sold by the glass for consumption at the winery. Due to our licensing we are also unable to pour/sell our spirits by the glass. Attendees are welcome to purchase bottles on their own (not tallied as part of an open bar) but only for later consumption elsewhere. 

5) Does Six Mile Creek assist with tent or other rentals? 

Answer: We will help coordinate and assist you with a variety of rentals including tents, tent sides, dance floors, tables and chairs, etc for use during outdoor events. Due to inspection permits and setup time, Six Mile Creek is not capable of setting up a tent last minute for outdoor events. It is the responsibility of the event holder to commit to a tent rental in case of inclement weather.

6) How far in advance should I plan and book my event?

Answer: The amount of time required to plan a private event depends on the type of gathering that you would like to host!  For weddings, we recommend 6 months to 1 year in advance to get started.  For smaller and/or more casual events, 1-2 months out is plenty of time!