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If we don't answer your question here, please feel free to email us at info@sixmilecreek.com

How does a tasting work?

We offer both wine and spirit tastings. Wine tasters are able to pick six different wines for $5 while spirit tastings are a $1 a piece upwards to 3. One of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the tastings at the bar as well as answer any questions you may have. For larger groups of 8 ppl or more we reserve the right to do a guided tasting (aka we pick six dry and six sweet wines for you to choose from).

Do we need a reservation? Do you accept buses/limos?

Due to our small size we require reservations for groups of 8 people or more (30 max) to ensure we have proper staffing at hand. We are able to accept buses and limos with proper notice. We offer a guided tasting for big groups where we pick a variety of 6 drier wines and 6 sweeter for you to choose based on your taste. Tastings over 30 people can occasionally be accommodated under special circumstances. Please contact info@sixmilecreek.com for inquires. While we try our best to accommodate larger groups, occasionally we are unable to due to our size or special events. We reserve the right to refuse any  larger group without a reservation.

Do you offer tours of the vineyard?

Due to our small nature and safety concerns we do not have the staffing or ability to offer tours of the vineyard or our production area.

Can we do our tasting outside? 

Due to efficiency issues as well as the enjoyment of our other patrons we ask that all wine and spirit tastings are to be done inside at a bar. Afterwards, you are more than welcome to purchase a glass or bottle and explore from there. 

Do you serve wine flights?

At this time we do not serve wine flights for consumption elsewhere on the grounds. We do sell wine by the glass and bottles for on site consumption. 

Do you serve food at the vineyard?

We do not prepare or serve food at the vineyard but do welcome outside food. We also offer a small selection of individually wrapped a la carte snacks such as cheese, crackers, cured meats, pretzels, etc. We are able to provide cheese boards and serving utensils if needed. For private events, we are always happy to recommend or work with your favorite caterers!

Do you serve any beverages other than wine? 

We have a rotating selection of local beers, ciders, and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase and onsite consumption. Due to licensing we are unable to serve our spirits by the glass (cocktails, etc) or bottle on the premises although we do offer limited tastings of them at our bar. 

Do you allow outside alcohol/b.y.o.b.?

Any outside alcoholic beverage is strictly forbidden on our vineyard property. Anyone caught with outside alcohol will be subject first to a warning and confiscation, followed by banishment on a second offense. Making craft beverages is our livelihood and failure to comply is at great risk to both our license, staff, and yourself!

Can we bring our kids or someone underage?

You are welcome to bring your kids/underage friend along but absolutely no one under the age of 21 is allowed to consume alcohol under any circumstances! Only those of age with proper photo identification will be served. We do have a small selection of non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase. Well behaved and supervised children are welcome but please remember our business is a working farm and adult oriented. Certain spaces/areas are not appropriate for children. 

Are you pet friendly?

Well behaved, leashed pets are more than welcome both in our tasting room and on our grounds. We ask only that you clean up after them!

Do you have indoor/outdoor seating?

We have both covered (during late spring-fall) and uncovered outdoor seating as well as an indoor seating area. We do not reserve any seating during business hours. All tables are first come, first serve! 

Will you donate wine, gift card, etc. to our cause or event?

Donations are fielded on a rolling, case by case basis. Please email the date, cause, and requested donation to info@sixmilecreek.comand we will get back to you as early as possible. 

Are you available to serve for offsite tastings or other events? 

Depending on the nature of the event and our ability to staff it we are generally happy to pour offsite tastings, etc. Please contact info@sixmilecreek.com with the date, time and details.

Is the winery available to rent for private events?

Yes, please refer to our private event/wedding rental page

Will you carry my product at your winery?

We are always happy to check out new locally based artisan products for consideration. For food, beverage, and health (aka soaps, bath, etc.) related products contact dan@sixmilecreek.com. For other general merchandise (aka signs, woodwork, glassware) , contact amy@sixmilecreek.com.


Do you grow your own grapes/produce on site?

Due to our distance from the vinifera friendly micro climate of Cayuga Lake we are only able to grow hybrid grapes. These grapes grown onsite include Cayuga, Seyval Blanc, Vignoles,Vidal Blanc, & Marquette. Other grapes are sourced from other local (mostly Cayuga/Seneca) vineyards and pressed, fermented, and bottled at Six Mile by our crew.

Is it possible to access the Six Mile Creek trail/waterfalls from the winery?

While we are located along the trail all access behind the vineyard is far to steep and dangerous to access. The easiest access to which is about 2 miles up 79 off Giles St. at the Mulholland Flower Preserve. There is parking there as well. 


Are you hiring?


We will often bring on new people several times through the year for various positions. Please refer to the hiring page and fill out an application!